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Add text to an existing note with Skitch photo

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I'm pretty new to Evernote, less than a year and there's a lot I haven't played with. I use it on Android, Win 7, and web sign-in.


Recently I took a photo with the phone, edited it with Skitch and saved the note in Evernote.


There appears to be no means to add text to the basic note (I don't want to edit with Skitch and take up space on the photo with text).  Did they really not develop a method of adding text to an existing "Skitch only" type of note?  I would have thought they would treat a note with a Skitch photo like any other note.


I can go back to any other existing text note and simply begin adding more text.


Am I missing something?





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Sorry, I should have been clear: I was referring to both the web access and the Win 7 app.  When using Android, simply clicking on the note automatically opens Skitch.  There's no opportunity to add text outside of the photo there either, but it's obvious in that case. 


And I thin that's probably at the heart of the problem: Evernote treats a Skitch note unlike regular notes.  Saving a Skitch photo in Evernote should be equal to saving a regular note with a Skitch "file" attached.


Is there a workaround, and does this happen to other kinds of notes, such as a saved PDF?



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I think I understand what you want to do. What I did was I make a copy of the note created with Skitch (right click -> Copy to Notebook). Then, in the notebook with the copy, I created a new note with whatever text I wanted. Finally I merged the two notes together (select both notes, right click -> Merge Notes).


I use the Mac version of Evernote but the above worked for me.

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Thanks much Jonahlyn!  I skipped the "copy to notebook" piece and just created a new note with text, then in the Win 7 version, as soon as I selected both notes a menu appeared (no right click needed) with Merge as an option.  Simple!  You do get a warning about "the application one of the notes was created with" no longer being able to edit the note after merging, so any Skitch edits need to be done first.  But the merged note allows adding more text (and editing of text) which was my goal.


An interesting side effect:  When creating the text note to merge with the Skitch note, I created a title for it.  After merging, the title became large (size 20 Tahoma) bolded text with a pale blue highlighting around it in the body of the note.  The title of the note was taken from the Skitch note.  I expected the opposite, but all I had to do was copy/paste the desired title over the undesired title.


Jonahlyn has touched on extra functionality that might be a surprise for other novice users like me: In order to select my two notes which were NOT adjacent, I used Ctrl+click (typical Windows keyboard trick).  Using Shift+click selects a range of notes (depending on your choice of first and last notes selected) - this is also typical Windows behavior. But in Evernote it brings up interesting choices!  Try it and see!


Thanks again Jonahlyn!



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I know I'm replying to an old one, but I came across this thread while searching for how to add a skitch generated image into a general note on the mac.


What I found works best for me is to create the image in Skitch and then just use Edit -> Copy Image from within Skitch and paste it into a new note. That ends up as an inline image in the note and I can then edit the text or put further annotations on the image directly within Evernote.


Ideally there'd be a way to create a new, blank Skitch "canvas" directly within a note.

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