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(Archived) Receipt filing suggestions

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Does anyone have a suggested method for storing receipt scans? Eventually, I'd like to keep all of my receipts in Evernote broken into how they'll be claimed on my taxes. At the moment, I've got an entire year of FlexSpend receipt scans in a single note named "2008 FSA", and that note is in a notebook named "Receipts".

Are there advantages to having each receipt in its own note? Is there an easy way to format the note (or group of notes) for easy (and economical) printing to 8.5"x11" paper?

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I think you may want to consider putting each receipt into its own note, or a few per note. This would make it easier to search for a particular receipt. If they're all in a single note, then it might be hard to narrow down your match to a single image.

I personally add a few other words into notes that I take to make sure that I can search for them later. I find this to be quicker than tagging for some types of data.

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