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I think that the quick note is a great feature in evernote and I couldn't live without it anymore. However there are a few things that make using quick note a bit of a drag:


  • Firstly I think that there should be a button, maybe even a shortcut, for the user to take a picture with the default camera. This would be extremely helpful as i don't have a smart phone which I assume has a feature like this and adding a picture quickly would probably make evernote replace the photobooth app for evernote users.
  • I think the user should be able to cycle through 3 areas using the tab key. The first the title, second main text with main content and third tag's. This would make quick note less simple however it would make all the difference for people who want to make a fast note using quicknote and keep their notes organised without loosing the ability to do it quicker than the main evernote program. 

I apologise for the post if these features are already in development or if the question has already been answered and I failed to find it. 

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I'll add my +1 to himion0's second suggestion.  Anything that reduces the time my hand moves to the touchpad/mouse is a good thing, and moving to tag items happens all the time.


I'll make one addition to the suggestion, though: make it Option-Tab or CRTL-Tab (and the shifted sibling, thereof) since having an unmodified Tab actually insert tab space in the main text area of a note is important (at least to me).

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It would make such a difference to be able to add a quick tag and notebook in quick note.  I miss this feature from several versions ago.  Any chance of having it back soon?

Any update to whether this is going to be implemented?

Evernote does not publish their roadmap or ETAs. So...the best answer you'll probably get has already been posted in post #3.

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