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(Archived) Evernote/Note-taking on Windows Mobile

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It's a shock to me how lame both the WM clent and the mobile Web versions of Evernote are. (And iPhone users are not much happier, either, apparently). You have to be online to even SEE your notes, let alone enter new information. For folks like me (iPAQ rx5910, WM5.0) with wifi-only connection to the Web, this is ridiculous.

So, until Evernote gets its act together for Windows Mobile users, we have to mashup Evernote with another Pocket PC/Smartphone note-taking applicaton, of which there are scores (http://en.softonic.com/pocketpc/text-ed ... hancements - for example).

I have used a number of Pocket PC/Windows notes applications over the years. In the past, I was very pleased with dNote from Derago:(http://en.derago.com/). It syncs text and ink notes between Windows and Pocket PC versions via ActiveSync, allows password-protecting individual notes, and is organized in tree-fashion. But so far, I have not tried mashing it up with Evernote - by which I mean copy/pasting notes from the Pocket PC app into the Evernote mobile web or WM app, and also the reverse, from the Windows Evernote application into the dNote Windows aplication, and thence into the dNote app on the iPAQ.

More recently I am using Dale Lane's wonderful bLADE Wiki (http://bladewiki.blogspot.com/).

It has the advantage of being a true personal Wiki, with note-to-note linking. It uses its own Wiki markup, meaning rich formatting, tables, etc. Ink drawings and images can be added to pages. There is no encryption, however.

bLADE Wiki pages can be copied into an Evernote note directly, but much of the formatting is lost. But an additional feature of bLADE Wki that makes it "fit" with Evernote is that individual Wiki pages can be exported to an HTML page on the Pocket PC, which can then be pasted into an Evernote (once you are online, of course).

So, Windows Mobile/Smartphone Evernote users out there - what other ways have you found to work-around the lamentable limitations of Evernote on your mobile device?

- Jeff Schallenberg

Mont Saint-Hilaire, Québec

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