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Two questions: Arrows and fixed font size in skitch

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Hi Evernote


I have been using Jing the past couple of years for capturing screen shots and adding notes and graphics to screen shots.

I am a premium Evernote user and would like to start using Skitch for the screen capture.


I have two questions in this regards on functions that I really miss:



I would really like to be able to decide whether or not the arrow in Skitch should expand at the end or just be a simple fixed width line with an arrow head in the end (!). At the moment the big expanding arrows makes it all look a bit "childish" and adding more than a few arrows to a small capture, quickly gets confusing.



On most of the screen captures that I do, I have to add text to each arrow.

I can't seem to find a way to make sure that the text that I add, will have the same size. I know that I can drag the slider on the text field, but this wont give med the same size and is taking a lot of time.
If only I could choose a fixed size of text to be used each time or set the slider / size once and then have the text added is the same size the next time I add text.


Oh, and the below capture was done on a MacBook Pro with Retina display, so I can see that the shared note from Evernote (with options set to Forum code) comes up in double size (!!) Same thing when you export in the different formats - Getting this fixed once and for all would be a HUGE improvement as well :-)


Looking forward to your reply. Thanks


Evernote.pngClick for large view - Uploaded with Skitch

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In response to arrow shapes, we appreciate your feedback, but at this time the distinctive arrow design is a core part of our Skitch brand. We may create future arrow shapes that would differ, but our core design is the curved arrow. It's part of our Skitch brand and been around since Skitch 1.0.


In response to text sized to an arrow, this is something we have a plan for solving. We don't have an ETA for that feature, but we would like to make it easier to have text sized relative to other objects. If you are interested in having your shapes be a specific size relative to the background then you can set your size using the size picker and then have all shapes & text start at that size.


In response to the forum image using a retina image that's actually a little more complicated. When you screen cap a Retina image Skitch captures it at full Retina resolution, which is quite larger than it appears on a Retina screen. When you save it to Evernote and then link to it you're linking to the original image source (the Retina image). Since this is by definition a large image, the forum is most likely going to display it at the original size (which is ~double what you see on a Retina screen). 


If your forum code allows for setting of size (usually S, M, L, Actual) then you can control the image size that way. Currently this is the only way to control the size of the image without using the Resize function in Skitch to scale down the actual image. 

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it just drives me nuts - when annotate is selected - 


I wish there was just the normal "selection tool" like the arrow cursor in photoshop.


a Font size etc bar like the one above in this reply topic box.


why the outlined text?

I just want ot normal

then I have to do all kinds of stuff to size it etc...


I do use it but would rather not - and this should be a no brainer - I should be able to use with out interrupting my flow of work.

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