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(Archived) Evernote Essential

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Evernote indeed has become my external brain!  In short, Evernote has become central, even essential to my operations. I use it on iOS, Mac, and Win 7. In fact it has become my order management system, my strategic planner and my issue tracker.


Orders are available on all machines, so I effectively have a networked order system without the complications of a client server database. 

Having recently upgraded to Premium, I now scan handwritten customer orders.


I use Evernote also as a textual mindmap and even scan in paper mindmaps and business doodles which previously I would spend time redoing in desktop software. No more bits of paper hidden in drawers, I bring it all in and try to make something out of sketches and doodled ideas, linking them in to other work, constructing.


I often just jot ideas and I find that progressively they come together as I work round them. Most important there is the copy note function which enables me to link notes rather than repeating ideas. I found that previously I was writing long documents, now I link many ideas into a network.


One potential downside of that is that ideas can be disjointed, so I do summary and regroupoing notes.


Looking for templates to structure notes. Thinking about blogging by sharing notes.


Gripes: want to copy note link on iOS without generating a public share.


I guess I'm an Everevangelist ... looking to share ! Tchus !!

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