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(Archived) Clearly - grammar error

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This is actually about the Clearly app.

I noticed there was a grammar error in the description, please see below :

"Related Notes

Automagically rediscover notes in Evernote that is (change to *are*) related to the article you are reading." 


I also tried using the Evernote Clipper to capture it, but it didn't work, I guess Evernote doesn't like the pop up? 


I just started using these apps, but so far so good!


Thanks :)





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Well, as a designer it's in my genes to point them out :)


Perhaps.  But I agree with Martin.  IMO, grammar & most cosmetic issues are pretty inconsequential.  And I'm pretty sure my first post to a message board would not be one pointing out a small grammar error.  Just sayin'.  ;-)

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To answer @andrakeesyy's other point...

I'm not sure if you're on Firefox or some other browser but...


There is a distinction between content and chrome (confusing name perhaps) in Firefox et al...


Content is what you read in the browser. Chrome is the stuff around it and stuff that an extension / plugin might pop up. Two examples are the bookmark bar and also the popup you mentioned.


I would expect Clearly to read (parse) the content but not the chrome. It's certainly POSSIBLE to parse the chrome but not much value in doing so.


(And I know this because 1) I'm a nosy geek :-) , and 2) because I once wrote an company-internal Firefox extension.)


If you want to show it try a screen grab and post the resulting graphic.


But in any case we got your drift so probably no need.

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I was saying that I wanted to clip the grammar error off of the description pop up by using Evernote clipper and it didn't work which is why I screenshot it to let you know.


This is not a Clearly issue, but an Evernote issue. I am using Chrome. 

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This is a user's forum. Feel free to continue posting any grammar errors you notice.

Don't pay attention to an Evangelist who attempts to downplay your valid input. Just sayin'.

I'm sure Evernote staff appreciate any feedback to improve their documentation.

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