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(Archived) .pdf or printable references



I really want a .pdf or other form of printable learning solution for Evernote.


I know there are "books" available at Amazon.com.  I know there are readers that you can use to write little notes and highlight items.  I'm 54 years old.  I grew up with textbooks, not e-books.


I want to begin to tear into Evernote and really get some ideas how to use it and how it works in a format that I can put into a binder and read, note, make circles, arrows, etc., on.  Of course, no one wants to write .pdf's these days because the changes come quick and can be overwhelming.  But I don't see any books being sold anymore that keep up with new topics, so what options do I have?  Can anyone give me any?


I know Evernote cannot control how items are sold on Amazon, so I know that Amazon can't give me an e-book I bought in .pdf format.  And, after checking, I don't see any true way of peeling off a DRM so I can print out a book I purchased.


So, with that said, any ideas of how I can find materials I can write on with pens, pencils, erasers and sticky arrows & tabs, etc.?


Thanks to any and all that can come up with some ideas.



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There are a couple of books around that deal with Evernote - don't know where you are in the world but if you have a library system they may be of help;  otherwise you may have to delve into the world of electronics a bit to search for and buy them.   There's lots online of course..  but (I always say*) I always say that the best way to learn Evernote is to start to use it.  You can't break it,  and (provided you keep your shredding instincts well under control) the original documents won't disappear - start adding information,  and then searching for it.  You'll need to look at titles - should be meaningful and as long as you have the patience for;  and tags.  Use sparingly, and to help identify things that otherwise get lost in noise - if you have dozens of CDs forinstance,  deal with the details in your note,  but tag your 'favourites' for quick finding.  Unless you can come here and convince me there's a good reason otherwise,  use (count them) 1 (one) notebook.


* That's kind of a pun,  which is the risk you run** when posting around here...


** yep - I'm looking at rapping in my spare time..

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