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(Archived) Suggestions for Premium

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I'm a new inductee to Evernote, I've used SpringPad, Google Keep and Wunderlist, and Astrid before they closed.


I'm really liking Evernote.  I started using it 2 months ago, and find I'm using it more and more, and now I'm saying to myself "I'm loving this.  I'd pay for more!"


If I had my way, the free version would remain as it is, and there would be a pay version, and it would have the following:


- A very readable mobile format for shopping lists or todo when I'm out (this is the only reason I still use Wunderlist)

- Better tables - able to move rows around

- Ability to order lists manually, able to drag items around to re-order

- A much slicker looking interface - the windows client does not look as sweet as some of these others web interfaces

- more editing and note options: what happened to the voice recognition, and text OCR?




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