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(Archived) Search for a specific tag within a specifik notebook


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I believe that earlier I could mark a notebook, press the control key and mark a tag to get occurrences of that tag in the specific notebook.

I cannot do that anymore. If I mark a notebook and then CTRL+mark a tag, I get all notes with that tag regardless of notebook.


Is that a feature I have just imagined I have used? Or is it something that has been removed in later beta versions of EN 5?


Also, when you do a search you get an explanation of the search above the result where you can also save the search. 

Say that I have searched for @ComputerWork-tag in all notebooks. Then I want to narrow my search to a specific notebook.

I change in the drop-down menu in my search explanation field to a specific notebook but leaves the tagged with @ComputerWork as it is. (see the attached picture)


Earlier I believe that the search was done again based on the specific notebook and the tag. Now it base the search result on the chosen notebook only, showing all notes in that notebook and I have to add the tag to the search again. Is this also my imagination? Or has the search actually changed?





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On which platform? I assume Windows because you mention ctrl-mark.


That is certainly working for me using the desktop Windows client, running Windows 8. The equivalent with cmd-click on Mac is also working.


In particular, if you turn on View - Show Search Explanation you get a nice explanation including popups allowing you to change the selected notebook, or select all, and change the tags. It is one aspect of the Windows client which I vastly prefer to the Mac client.

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Hi Andy,


Yes I am on Win7.


The search explanation was exactly what I was meaning. I just didn´t find the word. I reverted back to the stable NE-version 4.6 and found the functionality I was looking for.


Sad to see that it is not implemented the same way in EN 5.

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