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(Archived) New Note Scan From Desktop


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I suggest that an additional New Note option be added. We should be able to scan a document using our desktop scanner. We do have the option of creating a Webcam note, but that doesn't come close to being acceptable. As it is, I have to scan a document into my pc then copy it into the appropriate folder in Evernote. Too many unnecessary steps.

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It's not up to Evernote to run any random scanner you may have connected to your desktop.  There are options to scan to Evernote in many scanner set-ups and some of the latest ones don't even need you to have a PC connected to the scanner.  If you need this feature,  start auditioning scanners - but I always scan to folder anyway first; there are lots of benefits too...

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It's not up to Evernote to run any random scanner you may have connected to your desktop.  ...


There are industry (actually operating system) standards that do not make this approach necessary for PCs, for example most word processors, drawing packages, etc. have this 'create by scanning'  feature which works for all scanners.. so Evernote could implement this nice feature if they felt like it.  


It would be nice to have a dialog for each time you scan something similar to the those used with the web, email and other capture tools they already offer (and do have to write for each type of browser, email package, etc. because there are no standards in this case...hummm).


What comes close, is to use a smartphone or a tablet with a good camera and use the option to create a note with a photo.  Usually the resolution, focus, and contrast are good enough not only to read again, but for the Evernote OCR to recognize pretty well.  And you can add the title, contexts, etc. right away.


Anyways, for PCs, the scan to folder is a nice feature too, and works OK if you remember to (regularly) go back and process all the notes that come in that way since they do not have useful titles, contexts, etc.

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