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Feature request: add tags & notebook from saved search


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When you use a saved search in IOS or Windows platforms it lists all the notes that apply to that search. Some of my seaches have multiple tags in the criteria. When this particular search is displaying the associated notes, and I add a note, I would like the new note to inherit the tags from the displayed search criteria.


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Two reactions:

  1. Why?  and
  2. If you find a note or notes in your search,  why not duplicate one of those notes as a template (which gives you the tags) and replace the title and content?
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Because I have notes that are tagged with a project, a particular part of the project, and a specific process. When I add an additional note for that set of tags I have to go and add all the tags. Which isn't that hard with the auto fill but if it would just inherit the tags from the search it would be a quick entry. I tried copying the note but it doesn't bring the tags along. At least I couldn't get it to in Windows.

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