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(Archived) REQUEST : modify title from list view

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I use Evernote (windows desktop beta) for a variety of purposes including task management.  I've used Evernote for quite some time and have found it to be a very useful tool.  However, when I recently migrated my task management over from GQueues, it's utility increased by an order of magnitude.  I can now manage my entire workflow from Evernote with the exception of my calendar.  It doesn’t get much better.


However, there is one limitation that I find frustrating.  With task management, many more notes have accumulated in my Evernote account.  The majority of my tasks only include information in the title field of the note, nothing in the body of the note.  As such I most often review my tasks from the list view without the note panel showing.  The problem is, in order to modify the task, I have to gain access to the title field in the note panel.  This approach is cumbersome and slow at best.  Ideally, I could simply modify the task (note title) directly from the list view, similar to the manner in which notebooks or tags are renamed (using a right-click option).

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Mark - First, it is helpful to the other people reading this forum if you indicate which Evernote client you are working with. 


I use the Windows client. As best as I can tell, it will not allow you to modify a Note's Title in the List view.


I have a question for you. You said, "The majority of my tasks only include information in the 'subject' field of the note." I assume you mean the "title" field. If you actually mean "subject" field, please tell me how to modify the value in the "subject" field.


I also offer 2 thoughts on managing tasks.


  1. You say the body of your Notes which are Tasks are typically blank. Consider putting information about the Task into the body of the Note when or after you work on the Task.
  2. A month ago, I started using Evernote for Task Management. I use an approach that is apparently different than most other people. With my approach, a Note is a Project and the Title includes the Project Name and a short-phrase description of the desired 'end' results (outcome). The body of the Note is a 'check-boxed' list of tasks needed to complete the project. That list helps me keep track of what I've done so far and what's next. The body of the Note also includes any technical information about the Project. Consider if this approach might work for you.
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