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(Archived) Reorganizing Tags

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Although I have "used" Evernote for over a year, I am really just not learning the incredible power of organization that it offers.  I am attempting to go back an reorganize my notebooks, stacks, etc. in a more productive way, now that I've learned more about this great app.


Unfortunately, I have added several hundred tags to my notes over the past year.  I would like to reorganize them in a more efficient way, which includes nesting.  However, I have not discovered an simpler way that dragging a tag and letting the page scroll to the tag that I want to nest with, and dropping it there.  Of course, as the page scrolls, I sometimes lose my hold on the mouse button, and have to start the process over again.


Is there a simple method of reorganizing the numerous tags?  Thanks for any assistance on this.  Yes, I know that hundreds of tags are unwise, and I am also trying to reduce that number.  :)



Pastor Wynn

Columbus, GA

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Pastor Wynn - I can see that hundreds of Tags can be unwieldy. However, I highly suggest that you do not change the current structure (or quantity) or your Tags until you develop an entirely new Tag structure and try it out on new Notes (and old Notes that you modify) for a couple weeks. - - - If you start by changing your existing Tag structure, you could end up with something that isn't working any better than what you've already got.


There are several to many people who have added posts to this forum explaining their Tag structure. Read some of them to get ideas. Then, design something that you think will work best for you.


I would also suggest that you ask yourself, "What problem is my existing Tag structure causing me that is so bad that it is worth the time and effort to convert to a new Tag structure?"


You also need in your own mind to be fairly specific about what is and is not "productive" and "efficient" for you. - - - That's just another reason I suggest defining and testing out a new Tag structure before converting to it. 


I hope you feel this response is helpful.

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