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(Archived) Middle Windows List View


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Like this?


Ctrl + Shift + F5

This is for windows. I believe that there is a more visible option in the mac client too.

Sadly this is not displayed as much as it should be...I imagine a lot of people who would like this think it doesn't exist because it does not have a menu option in the windows client.

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You're welcome :)

I see, that looks like V5.

So, there are two options I see here. Both of which I use, as I like to hide the left panel too.

1. Use F6 to reset to all notes. (but also focuses the search bar)

EDIT: Instead of F6, use Ctrl + Shift + A, as this doesn't focus the search bar.

2. Add all notes to the top toolbar. Right click the top toolbar (to the right of "New Note" in your image) and select customise. You can add "All Notes" from there.


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