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Evernote for Windows, version 5 Beta - how to remove previous searches


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I am using the beta of Evernote 5.


When entering a new search, Evernote also shows me the past 5 'recent searches'  that i did. Is there a way to clean them up / remove these recent searches ?


many thanks for your help !



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mm.. that's weird that you're not seeing them.. i just installed the latest beta this morning ( and when i click with the mouse on the 'search field' on top of the screen, it automatically list all of my previous searches under a header called 'recent searches'. and exactly these 'recent searches' i want to remove..

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IHMO, we need this option. This is simply not a "nice to have".  
Here is my use case :
I copied a password in the clipboard. By mistake I pasted it in the search field of Evernote. Now everytime I search a note that contains a letter of my password, the full password is displayed in the Recent search.
Not be able to quickly and easily deleted it.. this is really frustrating (unsecure feeling).
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I agree that this is important - not thinking strategically, I put in my social security number (because I wanted to find any PDF documents that I had forgotten to password protect - so that I could password protect the attachment)...but now my full SS pops up...not good.

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