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(Archived) Make tags stay when changing notebooks

Henrik Holmgren




In many programs today if you choose to filter by a tag, that filtering is permanent no mather what you do in the program until you uncheck it. 


For instance, I tag all of my notes (and would like to tag notebooks too) with the areas of responsibility of the GTD method. So when I'm putting my health "hat" on, I can browse through all my projects, next actions and reference material and filter them with my "health" tag. 


Am I missing a function where this is possible? For what I understand if you can not select a tag (through search or other options) and then change notebook and still have that tag filtering the selected notebook?



/Friendly regards, Henrik

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exactly, my tags stayed when i move the notes into another notebook.


you can do a saved search such as

tag:health notebook:healthbook.


from there you can easily navigate to the notes in a certain notebook with that tag.

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Jackolicious, what option are you referring to?


I think what Henrik wanted is the ability to retain the tag filter when he is clicking on different notebooks and working on notes that way.


My previous answer was not accurate either. From the current implementation, I believe the best he can do is to select a tag, then sort the search result by notebook. He can't have the tag retained while switching notebook from the left hand panel.

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