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(Archived) What happens to deleted content?

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Are deleted notes (deleted from "Trash") permanently delted?


Are they overwritten so as not to be recovered?


They go into your trash.  Since Evernote is not in the business of deleting notes, you must manually empty the trash yourself.  (And sync, if you're using anything other than the web client.)

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This is my question.


What happens when trash is emptied? 


Are measures taken to make sure notes are irrecoverable?


They are irrecoverable to the normal user like you or me.  I'd guess they would still reside on some backup in the bowels of the Evernote serverdom, since I'm sure they probably retain backups & backups of backups in order to keep Evernote (in general) up & running.  I don't know the lifespan of data on these backups & IDK if Evernote would care to comment officially.  But if you're concerned about sensitive information, then as the saying goes, do not put it in a cloud unless it's encrypted.

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