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(Archived) Map Notes within Evernote

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There may be a obvious solution to this problem but my lack of technical knowledge has prevented me from finding one, any help would be greatly appreciated!

One of my hobbies is photography and having recently found evernote I am wondering how I can use this brilliant organising tool to make things easier.

I like to plan in advance locations of particular features and landscapes I am keen to photograph (all depending on advice and my knowledge from the local area). Currently I tag these spots and save their locations on google maps so I can plan where to visit at a convenient time.

Currently I can save the google maps URL and save it within a note.

Is there a possibility I can view my personally tagged  google map  ( or any other mapping tool ) within my notebook? This would be very useful so I can preview the map on each note. I could even have a specific notebook for location tagged maps for areas I frequently visit.

There is the option of screenshotting a map and placing that in my note, however this in not always ideal as scrolling around and zooming so you can get your bearings on a map is sometimes neccesary.

If this is indeed possible I would like to know how as I can see a feature like this being useful for many things ( my jogging routes , travel itineraries etc.)

Many thanks in advance!

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Much as I love Evernote a certain Gooey company has a big strong maps app that works on lots of different hardware,  and can (I think) be persuaded to show your preferred locations if required.  I wouldn't imagine Evernote is inclined to try beating them at their own game.  You might be better off using a dedicated mapping app for all the navigation and location work,  and a photo app of some kind to store your pictures.  Evernote can sit somewhere in the middle and hold lots of thoughts and plans while you work out where best to go though...

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If you have iPhone 3GS or up, you may try GoLater, the 3rd party iOS APP of Evernote(support iOS 6 or above).  It will show the map of your selected notebook, and you can view maps from notes or get notes from maps, either way.  


Plus, after clicking on "Let's Go" of each note, you can select "Driving" or "Walking", and get navigation by APPLE MAP.  

GoLater can be applied for information collection relative to location like scenic spots, restaurants, sales visit, real estate/rental survey, ...whatever you can imagine, etc.

However, it demands full use of tag field for address input in the format g:/address, that you can just categorize those location relative notes by notebook names which they belong to.  


GoLater has been reported by several Asia media

Free Download:  https://itunes.apple.com/app/id665692933 

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After several years, Evernote's use of mapping is still not ready for prime time.

Instead of using up my monthly download with my photos, and creating a huge Evernote database, I prefer to store copies of my photos on a service designed specifically for photos. I use Picasa and Flickr. Both have virtually unlimited storage and Flickr has built in mapping ability.

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