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(Archived) Suggestion: Option to Hide Thumbnails (Are they useful?)

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I suggest an option for hiding the thumbnails.

I am using the iPhone/iPod touch version of Evernote for To Do lists, writing projects, and similar.

The thumbnail for these text notes is just silly... they take a while to load, it doesn't format lists (they clump together), and I can't read the tiny text dots anyway.

I would much rather that mobile Evernote let me turn off the display of the Thumbnails. OR, perhaps even more cleverly, only showed a thumbnail when it was something worth seeing (i.e. an image).

With no thumbnails, the list of notes would be cleaner, easier to read. I bet the list of notes would load a lot faster that way, too...


(P.S.: Yes, I sent my suggestion to Evernote.)

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We appreciate the feedback, and multiple Evernote employees read every English-language post on this forum. We don't always have a detailed reply for every suggestion. In particular, we can't give dates in the future for when your suggestions will be implemented, since that just makes us look like jerks if things don't work out as we planned.

(So there's not really a need for "bump" or "+1" posts here ... it's just adding a bit of noise that other users need to read around.)


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I don't think it's an issue of making sure the suggestion is read, it's an issue of conveying that it's more than just one user who wants the feature. All things equal, I assume you guys want to prioritize features that would be valuable to the greatest number of users. We're just trying to help you prioritize a bit, that's all.

(And I'd love to see a list view as well :)

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I'm an enthusiastic user of Evernote. I'd hate to think that I was a pest. I realize that I only use a limited number of Evernote's features. I don't use Evernote for voice or images. I have other apps on my iPhone for that purpose. I primarily write text and clip web archives. I often use Instapaper to clip text and then copy it into a new Evernote note. For my purposes, your desktop and web applications are the best among all the notebook applications, but your iPhone app leaves me hoping for more. The two issues I have with the iPhone app are the space taken up by those thumbnails and the difficulty working with notes offline. I've tried tagging my text notes as favorites, but you can imagine what a pain that is. Perhaps if I could tag an entire notebook as favorites, or if I could select multiple notes in the desktop and tag them as favorites. It would be real help to be able to work favorites on the desktop (or the web). I know there are other notebook apps for the iPhone and I've tried (ie bought) most of them, but none of them are as effective on the desktop or the web as Evernote.

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