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Winmail.dat and formatting when emailing to Evernote.


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At work I have Microsoft Outlook 2010. I have followed all the steps to not send RTF (rich text format) and tried changing the general settings and individual Outlook Options for a particular email address to send in plain text or HTML. No matter what I do, Winmail.dat shows on my evernote as an attachment when I email notes. I also have an issue where, say I write up an email with fonts, bold, italics, bullets, etc. When I email, again regardless of format, it never seems to include pictures or anything. Its always in plain text. So my two questions are:


1) Once you change all the settings in Outlook, how on earth do you get emails sent to Evernote without that Winmail.dat file attached?

2) When emailing from a computer with everything formatted in Microsoft Word, how do you send the pictures or format with everything in tact to Evernote? 



Any help here is appreciated. I followed the posts to get rid of the winmail.dat file from showing but I can't seem to figure it out. 

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OK - dumb observations here;  are you emailing to your Evernote account directly,  or asking Outlook to forward/ redirect emails there? Are you emailing from your Evernote account to another colleague?  Do you have access to the Outlook integration which allows all or part of an email to be 'added' to Evernote?

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I am emailing Evernote directly, I am not asking outlook to auto forward or redirect anything. I am emailing straight from my own email to my own Evernote email. I am not sure about Outlook integration. I work at a financial firm and my email is pretty controlled by our tech team so i would assume no. 

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Evernote is on my Mac at home, my iPhone, and my iPad. I frequently use Evernote on my iPad in meetings at work. At work I have a PC computer running Windows 7 with Microsoft Office 2010. I typically never email anything to Evernote from my work computer, but sometimes it is easier if I am typing a note on my work PC to just email my Evernote. But then it does 2 things - 1) it does not keep the format from Microsoft Office in terms of bullet points, bold, font, etc. and 2) it adds the Winmail.dat attachment no matter what I do.

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Hello, i am having the windat issue. The odd thing is it just started happening as I have used Evernote for months without issue. I have taken all the steps within outlook in terms of converting the email and contact to plain text. Any other thoughts on this? Love Evernote but this is putting a severe crimp on my workflow

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Just thought I'd add my solution to this issue. It preserves RTF or HMTL emails without the WINMAIL.DAT problem. It requires a Gmail account. (This may work with other providers, but I know it works with GMail.)


Important background information: In GMail, you can create modified versions of your email and still have them delivered to your inbox. If your email address is Geek@gmail.com, you can add a "+" right before the @ symbol, and whatever text you want after it. It will still be delivered to your regular GMail inbox, but you can filter and create rules on the special address. So you can use Geek+Evernote@gmail.com. More information, and a better explanation, here.


  1. In Outlook, add an entry to your address book for Evernote. Rather than putting your Evernote email address in this entry, put your GMAIL address with a slight modification. Using my example from above, I'll put in Geek+Evernote@gmail.com.
  2. In Gmail, create a rule that forward emails sent to Geek+Evernote@gmail.com to your actual Evernote email address. Optionally, you can also choose to have it archive the message so it doesn't clutter your inbox. (Note: If you've never setup a forward to your Evernote email address in GMail before, you'll have to validate that you own it, but it's a fairly simple process and well documented elsewhere.)
  3. That's it. Now when you send emails from Outlook, they go to Gmail and then to Evernote. The process is almost instantanious, but because Gmail properly reads the WINMAIL.DAT file and converts the email to display correctly, what you end up with in Evernote looks more or less the same as it did in Outlook.

I hope this helps alleviate some frustration.

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Disable Winmail.dat Stubbornly Going to Particular Recipients No Matter the Default

The standard settings for outgoing mail formats in Outlook can be overridden per email address. So, on a per case basis—when somebody complains about an inexplicable "Winmail.dat" attachment after you have made all the right settings changes—, you may have to reset the format for individual addresses:

  • Search for the desired contact in your Outlook Contacts.
  • Double-click the contact's email address.
    • Alternatively, click on the desired email address with the right mouse button and select Open Outlook Properties... or Outlook Properties... from the menu.
  • Make sure either Let Outlook decide the best sending format or Send Plain Text only is selected under Internet format:.
  • Click OK.
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