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(Archived) Intermediary repository for file management



I am using Evernote more everyday, and I have noticed the importance of there being an intermediary repository, plugin or service, which allows to save an attachment within a note, for it to be copied elsewhere without the need to download and then upload, drag etc. to the desired location. 


For example, if you are working on an Excel sheet file that has been opened from its locating within a note, once you have finished modifying the same and wish to send it by e-mail, the perfect workflow will be to have a way to copy the file to an intermediary location and then paste it for example in a new message in an e-mail thread, without the need to download the file from the note and then select it in the Finder for then to drop it in the new e-mail to be composed. 


For PDF files, Preview offers the Share menu which will let you create a new e-mail in Apple Mail, but I think the flaw in this process, is that you are forced to start a new e-mail thread, instead of being able to copy the same and then once you are replying a message be able to input the PDF (or any file) that you have within a note, into the corresponding message. 


The idea is to enhance the workflow by reducing the number of steps or not needing to rely that much on the Finder for attachments in terms of having to download the file and then grab the same again to the OS cache for it to then be dropped in the desired final destination. 



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I agree the steps for emailing an attachment are cumbersome, but I think it would be dangerous to have two copies of a file in existence; chances are the wrong one would be updated and then not saved to a note. It would be good to have an easy way to email attachments, but I think there has to be another way...

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You can also send an email from excel, use File>Send To>Mail Recipient.  Then you can still reply to an email and just drag the attachment from the Newly generated email to the Reply email, so you don't have to re-enter recipient, subject and all that.


Also, if your file is set to view as an attachment within evernote(if the attachment looks like actual content in the note, right click to select view as attachment), you can drag that directly from evernote to an open email, no need to save it out first.   If your desktop is screen is small and cluttered like mine try this:  Hit reply in Mail, CMD+Tab to switch applications to evernote, find attachment and begin to drag it (click and hold while dragging until document icon appears), while still holding the mouse button/trackpad down, hit CMD+Tab again to switch back to mail, then aim for your reply message and drop it in.


Another way which is not as fast, but highlights a power trick that every osx user should know.  When in excel(or any app), once you have saved the file, look for the icon and filename on the top center of the document window bar.  Right click the icon and a widget will pop up showing you all of the folders in the file's path.  You can select the first folder down from the filename to open the enclosing folder of this document.  Now you are in the finder and can copy paste or drag like you are used to.  This is great for figuring out where a file is if you forgot where you saved it, or in this case if you have no idea where evernote is saving it.  In this case it is taking you to the folder where evernote has saved the file. 



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