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(Archived) Two Evernote accounts, one computer, one scanner


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Thinking about going premium and separating my work and personal stuff.  Right now I have a single free account, with everything mixed.  I use a Fujitsu 1300 to scan in documents.


I'm trying to understand how I'll use the scanner if/when I set up two accounts.  Right now I scan everything into the one account.  What will be the process if/when I have two accounts...how do I "tell" the scanner where a new scan is supposed to go?



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In my experience scanner settings aren't that flexible.  You might do better assigning an "import folder" on your desktop to each account.  Scan your stuff to another temporary folder then drag and drop the files into the appropriate folder.  Also gives you the chance to rename / OCR and generally mess around with the scans on the way.

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