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(Archived) Checkboxes Not Synchronizing


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I've been using Evernote for over a year and recently upgraded to Premium. I have a list that is shared but the check MARKS in the checkboxes are not being synchronized. Any edits to the list, including checkboxes get sync'd fine but not the actual checkMARKS.


Is this a known problem?



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Hi Jeff,


I'm using Windows (7 and 8) and Android V2.3.5 on my cell phone. I did some further testing and came across the following.


If I do this:

- add checkmarks to a note on Android

- slide the pane over (swipe from the right) to access the home screen

- hit the Sync icon. Icon swirls and time updates with no further messages.


If I then sync on my windows 7 machine I do not get the update. However, if instead of pressing Sync on my phone I hit the return button to get back to the main menu I see the Sync being activated along with "Downloading Note" message.


Interesting, appears as though tapping the Sync icon (i.e. manual sync) does not activate the sync correctly. I was able to repeat this behaviour many times.


I will do some further testing tomorrow with shared notes when I have access to my wife's phone as this was another situation where checkmarks were note being sync'd.


One other observation, check boxes are not easily created on my android phone as they are on my PC. For example, on the PC if I hit Enter at the end of an entry that starts with a check box a new check box will be created. However, on my phone the next line will be indented as if a check box preceded it but there is no checkbox.


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I did some further testing, this time with shared notebooks and experienced the same behaviour as stated in my previous post.


Guess that's not to much of a problem, at least now that I understand what's happening. I'll just have to be sure not to rely on the Sync icon.


In terms of adding checkboxes to an existing document with checkboxes, this is still a pain. Only a problem on Android, or at least my version (V2.3.5), under Windows it works fine. Hopefully this will be corrected in a future version of Evernote for Android.

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