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(Archived) making no changes; database sizes changing


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I just did a reinstall of windows 8 and installed Evernote. I imported everything successfully and both my synched and local notebooks seem fine; meaning 152(synched)+5(local) notes in my 2 notebooks which matches what I had before backup. On the first look I can not see anything that is missing. However, database sizes change in odd ways, and I want to know if that is sign I am missing anything?


I kept track of sizes of these 4:
username.exb/ username.exb.snippets/ username.exb.thumbnails/ files in Attachments folder
for my backup sizes (KB) are: 52352 / 356 / 30167 / 2343 (95 files)
right after restoring:                 47588 / 122 / <missing> / 156 (1 file)
1 hour after restoring:              47432 / 229 / <missing> / 210 (3 files)
3 hours after restoring:            47432 / 522 / <missing> / 210 (3 files)

I am not uploading anything, only these downloads; I have a lot more upload allowance left. I am not creating/editing notes either, only sometimes viewing. I can see 'Attachments' being empty is not a problem, but what about others:


1) what is in .snippets? should I care? (getting bigger than original!)
2) what is in .thumbnails? should I care it is missing?! should I copy/paste it from backup?
3) why is my .exb shrinking?! loosing anything?
4) is everything normal?! I have not added anything new until I know things are ok.

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