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(Archived) Nexus 7 Insert Text problem


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When I insert text into a note--not appending to the top, but inserting in an existing note, the screen view of existing text does not move down as I insert returns. So it appears as though I am writing my text right on top of the existing text. When I end edit mode, it rectifies itself and shows it correctly, but it makes it impossible to read as I'm entering info. i have to go into edit mode, put in a bunch of returns, and then end edit, to open up the space, then go back into edit. I do not have this problem with my Droid Maxx phone. It works correctly there. I couldn't find anyone else with this same problem in searching the forum. I'm hoping someone can help me with this. I was hoping to use Evernote extensively with my new Nexus, but this is a big handicap. 

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