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(Archived) Work Smarter with Evernote: Organizing with Notebooks and Tags

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I think some of the discussion lags a bit in spaces, but that's related to the delivery rather than any sync issue with this one--when there's an in-app demonstration the audio is synced well with the video.  At least upon my last review.  Thanks for reporting though.


If you're viewing this with chrome, it's also possible you may be running into a playback issue; http://www.techhive.com/article/2025340/how-to-fix-jerky-youtube-video-in-google-chrome.html

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i'm experiencing the audio video sync problem. Tried to view the video in chrome and safari and in both browsers the audio seems to appear several minutes before the video which makes it almost impossible to follow the webinar.

I've already tried the chrome fix but the problem persists.

Please review the video or upload a new and fixed version since this is a very interesting topic for people like me who are starting to use evernote on a daily basis.

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