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I have various notebooks that contain notes, all with tags.

For each notebook I would like to be able to create a table of contents based on the titles of the notes and then various indexes based on the tags.

I would like to be able to create the table of contents and the variously organised indexes as PDFs.

Do I have any chance of being able to achieve this in an automated way - that is, so that I can reproduce updated PDFs at periods with very little duplicated effort.

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If you're a dab hand at something like IFTTT or AutoHotKey you may be able to manage this;  but not in vanilla Evernote or with any add-ins of which I'm currently aware.  The basic functionality is there - sort all notes on titles,  copy the results window (which includes active links to all the notes) paste to another note.  Sort by the notebooks column and split your list into notebooks.  Sort by tags and do likewise.  If you use multiple tags you'll have to search by tag.  With a few compromises you may be able to get something together,  but it is going to require work.  You may be better off looking at authoring or indexing apps that have this type of thing as a native function.

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Many thanks for your reply.


I shall now start thinking about doing it manually in the most efficient way possible. I would appreciate very much any hints on how to approach that task!


For example, when you wrote about 'authoring apps' were you implying that I could export the data in a format that could be handled by such an app, after which the task would be routine in that app?

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No implications intended earlier - I don't know your requirements.  You will need to do your own due diligence on other apps that might be able to catalogue and index your data suitably.  Your options for exporting from Evernote will be under something like ~File ~Export,  and I can't say whether these formats will be suitable for the software you may decide upon,  though they're standard options.  You will be able to preserve the heading and the notebook easily,  but tags would continue to be a problem unless you export tag by tag...

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Tooc - You say you want to create a Table of Contents for a Notebook based on the Titles of the Notes. You could select a Notebook and switch to Evernote's "List" view and see a list of Titles. Would that meet your needs?


You also say you want "various indexes based on the tags". What might this look like? The Windows and iPhone versions of Evernote provide a list of Tags. How do these fall short of your needs?

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Yes, the "List" view is close to what I want as far as the list by titles goes. I have just discovered (prompted by this very helpul discussion) that I can eliminate certain columns of what is in effect a "spreadsheet" view and be left with only the ones I want. Then I can use "Ctrl-A" followed by "Ctrl-C" to copy and paste all the rows into Word or Excel. Then I can fairly easily manually produce one of the types of report that I want.


The File -  Export facility didn't seem to be much use in this context. Maybe it would be if I had a piece of reporting software which imported the data in one of the available formats and presented the data for me in the way that I want. Strange that there is no export format as ".XLS".


Regarding the tags, for each one there are a number of associated Titles. I wanted to list the tags as individual headings in alphabetical order and underneath each tag to list all the Titles so tagged. E.g.


Elvis Presley

  Blue suede shoes

  Long tall Sally

  ..... etc


I need to take care of the fact that Little Richard is also tagged on Long Tall Sally, so I also want to see


Little Richard

  Long Tall Sally


  ........ etc


For completeness let me say that "Long tall Sally" is a Title and that "Elvis Presley" and "Little Richard" are tags.

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Tooc - I think Evernote's "List" view will get you what you want. Here's the way it works with the Windows client.

  • Go to the List view.
  • Click on "All My Notes"
  • In the Search box, type in "tag:xxxxxxxxxx", where xxxxxxxxxx is the Tag you are looking for
  • Sort the Notes that are found by Title

Depending on the syntax of your Tags, you may find that it is effective to use the wildcard search operation (an asterisk), like "tag:elvis*" or, in some cases, put the search term in quotes. - - - You may need to play around with the search terms or read up on some advanced term techniques to get exactly what you want.


I hope this gets you close.

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Thanks for the suggestions! However, I don't want to deal with one tag at a time. What I want is a report that lists all the Artists as headings and all the song Titles in which they are tagged underneath, inset by a few spaces as shown in my previous post. There are about 250 Artists at present but the number is growing as I continue working on the project. There are about 700 Titles. For this type of report I really need automation!

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Within Evernote you won't have that option I'm afraid. The may be software out there that could take a copy / pasted listing and extract connections based on tags, but at the moment you can only do what has already been described. At this stage it's manual or nothing.

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Another example of the use(need) of hierarchical tags (enter a sub(child) tag and it automatically knows the higher level(parent) tag.  Stacks and Notebooks allow only a hierarchy(physical vs. logical) of a single attribute.  If possible for tags, could filter (or sort?) by multiple, ex. name, datatype, datetime, contact-group, geographical location, work/business classifications, security/privacy, and any personal custom tag and tag-group.  The indentions on the Tags list screen (Windows desktop)  are for display purposes only, "visual navigation groups", but do not extend to any functional use within EN... as far as I know.

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