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(Archived) android - sharing from twitter app to evernote


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I got in the habit of sharing tweets from the android twitter app to evernote so I could separate out the important ones and go back and check their links from my PC later.


I select a tweet, click the share button, choose evernote, save the note. this used to work great, but lately instead of the actual contents of the tweet, the evernote note ends up just saying "check out so-and-so's tweet: http://twitter.com/restofthelink." so all the notes look the same, with no context.


I would think this is a twitter issue, and did contact their support. (and got a generic "great suggestion! the development team values your feedback!") but the twitter app is able to share the contents of tweets to some other apps, like the gmail app.


on the flip side, i just tested sharing tweets from hootsuite to evernote, and that keeps the contents of the tweets as well. so there is some disconnect between twitter and evernote, I just don't know where it is. is anybody else seeing this? I can tell from my notes that whatever changed changed between 7/17 and 7/24. I think the twitter API v1 was retired in early june, so that wasn't it.



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You know Twitter got tired of other apps dipping into their data and locked it down more securely,  so I'd suspect this is more of the same.  I'd suggest you look for a work-around.  You do know that you can post from Evernote to Twitter,  right?

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