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Feature request: add 'Near...' in advanced search



Sorry for my English.


OK, Maps function has gone on Android, so it's no more possible show a map with multiple pins (= notes) inside.


But Evernote is still able to perform a search by coordinates: advanced search "Near" looks for notes in a chosen radius (1/5/25 miles) albeit the search is done based upon coordinates of 2 opposite corners of a square.


My humble request:

  • Perform a search called "Near ..."  where I can choose, on the map, the central point of the search's square (just like when I set the location of a note: open the map, add a pin) and then choose the radius


  • perform a search called "In this area" where I can trace a square (or better  a  rectangle) in the map, giving EN the corners and not the centre


I won't have a map with all notes inside, but at least a list.




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Humble request:

both on Android, Windows, Mac there is the Atlas feature in an Atlas Window


Couldn't you add a button (a link,a popup, whatever you want)  called

"Copy current window coordinates"


which copies them into clipboard ("latitude:.... -latitude: ..... longitude: .... - longitude:.....")

and can be then pasted in the search box (in Windows) or in the search window (Android) ...


Maybe it's not the perfect solution, but at least doesn't leave the Atlas feature almost useless for those who use maps in EN (always IMHO)




a button called "Perform a search within this window edges"  (maybe easier to understand for users)


You may say "hey, you already told this in your first post"

No, I don't.  I asked for a map in the " 'Near' advanced search"; while now we would use the standard Atlas Window.



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Just a note for me:

1 mile (?)/5 Km/25 Km  isn't the radius:

it is (or should be) the side of a square (more or less the diameter, however not its radius)


The "gps" sign (beside the text to search input line) is a 25 km diameter (so the maximum available))

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This is an interesting idea, and I imagine certainly fodder for a third-part app.

Whether this can easily be done natively within Evernote will depend on how they index and query for location.... Something I know nothing about. depending on this, implementing such a feature could require considerable effort, if for example it required that notes be indexed differently.

I do like this idea though.

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