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(Archived) Screen Capture - Random Results


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When I screen capture the web using this hotkey combo:

sometimes it sends the image to Skitch and I end up with that girly-pink Skitch bar at the top.

If I try it a second time, the image is captured correctly and sent straight to Evernote.


This does not happen all the time - just enough to be a pain.

Any ideas what causes this random action?



Edit: using version Windows (268917) Public

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Are you pressing Win + Shift + Printscreen at all?

That is (If I am remembering correctly) the default skitch note hotkey. This doesn't have a menu option but does a registry entry.

Is it possible you have changed the registry entry?

Aside: I think EN will have to rethink their hotkey usage. Win 8 overrides any Win + Printscreen combination.

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Thanks for the feedback.

No, I do not mess with the registry for any of my programs.


But you might have nailed the issue.

I had changed the key combo to a shorter selection as mentioned above.

On my keyboard, I enter Win+Function+Print Scr


It is more complicated and difficult to remember, but I will give the combo you mentioned a try for a while.

Win+Shift+Function+Print Scr (sort of like that old game Twister)

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