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(Archived) save skitch to original evernote notebook?


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Open a pdf in a folder in Evernote called 'ABC'

With the pdf open, select the Skitch icon to annotate

Modify the PDF document in skitch


I want to automatically save the document back to Evernote, in the 'ABC' folder.


Instead, it saves it to the "Skitch" folder, and I have to manually move it back to the 'ABC' folder.


Is there a way I can get skitch to save the updated document into the original 'ABC' folder?



Thanks very much,


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Tap on a little shield icon in the upper left on the library view (where you can see all of your notes) to bring up Settings.

Scroll down till you see "Notebook" and tap on that. 


From there you can change the default Notebook. 

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