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Fernando Branco

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One of the reasons I´ve not been using EN more often is because of its caotic organization. As time goes by and you add archives and notes to it it becomes more and more difficult to consult them. Obviously you can use the serach option but, in my case, I use lots of short memos  and I don´t always know what to look for (sounds familiar ?)


One major improvement could be an opttion to add templates. I often review restaurants, sites, wines, books, etc and most of the times the criteria I use is (or should be) the same. The problem is that as times goes by all these notes start to be recorded in different formats and under different criteria. Wouldn' it be great if we could create templates with these criteria and use them over an over again ? Not only would you stick to your coherent criteria in every note you write but also would be able to keep your wine, restaurant, book, etc reviews  neatly archieved under the same format.


Another option would be a save as option so that you could overwrite any privious note without having o delete it.


Any ideas on this ? 

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I wrote a blog post on this recently, you might want to check it out http://www.reallifeselling.com/time-management/three-easy-ways-to-create-templates-in-evernote-2/





Thanks for the link. I've got some advice as well (http://www.christopher-mayo.com/?p=459), but I am guessing that your third method (text expander) is going to be the quickest one for any system. 

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Hi. My method works fine on the iPad if you have prepared the notes ahead of time on the Mac. Obviously, copy/paste works. However, if you have a hundred copies of a template, you can start writing right away and when you are done, tap the "i" icon to change the notebook or tag. As someone who relies a lot on titles, and only has one notebook, I'd just change the title. It's not as fast as text expander, but pretty close.

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