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(Archived) Encrypted Notes and repeated screen blanking


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Why does Evernote wipe the screen inconsistently?

  • If you do a quickee cut/paste to put data into the clipboard (i.e. a complex password for insertion into another app), as in shift-delete and shift-insert, the note blanks itself when you click into another window.
  • If you perform a copy with the mouse (select the text, right click and copy from menu) the window stays available
  • If you select with the keyboard and perform a copy with the keyboard (ctrl-C) the window stays available.

I typically use the first operation because frankly I have been using computers long enough have it ingrained into me that Ctrl-C terminates the current program (it still does this in a Windows Command Prompt window) so instinctively I don't use it.


I understand why you'd want to give the ability to blank a window, but usually thats associated with a time of inactivity.  Maybe thats not practical.  But giving me a key combo to blank a window manually would be nice as an alternative to the above, which is a real usability pain in the rear.  The fact that moving away from the window blanks the screen - and EverNote is meant for use in a windowed environment where this happens all the time - seems problematic at best.


Did I miss a setting somewhere that keeps this from happening?

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No response?

This is a user forum -- other users may chime in if they've seen the same thing and have time, Sometimes Evernote staff will chime in as well, but if you want guaranteed Evernote response and/or want to report a bug, then you should open a support request. See the link in my signature.
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