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(Archived) "Refactor" functionality

Thomas Oatman

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Many times I'm working on a note; it becomes "too large".   So I want to break off part of it into a new note and place a link in the original.
In coding, this is known as Refactoring.    Select a section of an existing note, hit the "Refactor to New Note" button.  This asks for the new title, tags, notebook (defaulting to same as current note).  Then it sends the selection to that new note and replaces it with a Note Link.


What do you think ?    I think it would be fabulously useful.

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Interesting suggestion. I would probably use that, if it were implemented. They'd probably call the operation "Split" or something more generic: the term "refactor" in that usage is pretty specific to programming (and implies no automatic split/replace-with-reference functionality; that's provided by your development environment if you're lucky), and even so, was borrowed from mathematics, where it means something else...

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