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Problem with bullets created in Windows client when editing on Android

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I have created a bulleted list with multiple levels on my Windows client, and it looks fine on Windows, Web, and Android.  But when I edit it on my Android device using the Evernote client, I cannot add to the bulleted list.  For example, the list has 5 main (1st level) topics, with the second main topic having 3 sub-topics (2nd level).  When on the Android client, I want to add a fourth item to that 2nd level list, but I can't.  It adds the text to the third item of the 2nd level.  When then viewing the note back on the Windows client, there is no bullet on that fourth item, although the client says that that item is bulleted (the bullet list icon is depressed).  I can go to the beginning of that line, hit backspace (which puts that text at the end of the third item), then hit enter, which adds the bullet.  But I shouldn't have to do that.


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When you think about it,  the fact that you can edit notes at all on two very different platforms with completely different operating systems is pretty impressive.  It's a shame that some things haven't been implemented yet - maybe can't be implemented at all - but we are where we are,  and Evernote doesn't have this capacity,  there will either be workarounds or other options.  My sympathy is what you might expect from someone who spent most of the day trying different combinations of Windows software trying to satisfy a particular need for which no-one seems to have anticipated a demand as yet. And it's taken me a few weeks to find the right 'next laptop' for me too!


This sort of disconnect between life and people happens lots.  Workarounds seem to be the right way to go... (Although it's entirely reasonable to register a request for future improvements...)

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An update to the Windows-based bulleted list issue: Bullets promoted in a list nearly always lose their bullets, though they retain the indent formatting of the list. The principal way I have of working around this is a little time-consuming. I hit the "Insert bullet" button until the line backs up to the default text level and shuts off the list formatting, then hit it again and demote the line back into the list to the level originally desired. About half the time, this process generates extra bulleted lines above or below that cannot be individually accessed, but can only be removed by reformatting a signficant portion of the list. This is clunky and time-consuming. Is there a work-around?


Thank you.

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