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Pasting from Skitch to Evernote Quick Note on the Mac


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I've discovered - after a degree of frustration - that copying and pasting an image from skitch, on the mac at least, always creates a TIFF image. This default - as far as I can see - can't be changed. 


This has the unfortunate effect of messing up a workflow which I have otherwise found very useful - Using Evernote's Quick Note feature to produce simple tutorials on procedures on the mac by writing a text as I carry our the procedure myself and pasting in screen shots. This is no problem with snaps from quick note itself - but sometimes I need timed snaps of part of the screen - which Skitch can do so well - and I can't simply drag the images into the Quick Note pop up window (the window pops off when you try). Copying and pasting seemed the obvious workaround to this problem - but while the image is displayed in the Quick Note window, and while the resultant note can store the TIFF, Evernote itself can't display the images in the saved note.


It would be very helpful if one or both of the following could be done

1. Skitch no longer defaults to TIFF in copy and paste (or this can be an option)

2. Evernote supports TIFFs - i.e. can display TIFFs inline. 


Of course, I may be missing something. Is there another solution (rather than workaround) to this problem? 



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I seem to have made a similar eroneous switch from pasting .jpg files to .tiff files as frpeter has.  No inline images when viewing notes is the problem.  There does not appear to be any settings between browser, desktop application to app that changes that setting.  How do I either switch it back or make .tiff's viewable inline?  


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@frpeter - This is not exactly the case.


The output of the file from Skitch into a 3rd party app is dependent upon two factors:

1) What you have set as the dropdown export option in Skitch. Look at the dropdown next to the file name. If this is set to PNG, then Skitch will attempt to copy and paste to the clipboard a PNG.

2) What application you're copying and pasting into. Some apps will auto-convert into their own format, and others won't. For example

  • If you go to Skitch, set the dropdown to PNG, and then Copy & Paste into Preview you can see from the image information that it is a PNG. Change the drop down to TIFF and repeat and you'll see it's a TIFF.
  • If you were to repeat the same process and copy into Pixelmator, you would see that Pixelmator says the file type is Pixelmator (their own), and not either a PNG or a TIFF (unless you Save as).


So my first suggestion would be to change the drop down and do a copy and paste and see if that results in what you want.


Second suggestion would be to use the Drag Me function with the appropriate filetype selected in the dropdown. That should work with most apps, but again the app may attempt to change the file type.


On a side note you can indeed drag and drop into the Evernote Quick Note status bar icon, but you do need to make sure you don't have any other app interfering (ex: Unclutter). Simply click on the Drag Me tab and hold for a second for while OS X converts the image into a file (you'll see the image turn into a file with the "+" sign showing). Now drag that file and drop it on the elephant head. Click on Quick Note and there's your image.

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I am having a similar (or the same) problem, but it is just that pasting a screenshot (created via Mac's built-in) always creates a TIFF image when pasted into the quick note thing (the elephant in the MenuBar). The image is visible inline in quick note, but when I save to evernote and open there, images are shown as tiffs. This is despite the fact that Mac saves as a PNG by default when I do Command+Shift+3/4.


Very frustrating to not have images inline!


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