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Request: Move note to notebook based on tags

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TL; DR version...  I want notes to move to a specific notebook automatically based on a specific tag.  I'm lazy, but it is my desired workflow.


The long version....  I add about 100 new notes a day and I do GTD inbox processing and "The Secret Weapon".  I could not keep up with the tagging and notebook moving (first world problems), things became a jumble.  I need to process and move on, a drawback of my job.  


So, I moved to EVERYTHING stays in inbox and tagging matched with saved searches become "virtual notebooks".  All was well until the wife asked me to place all notes that have a specific tag with her to a shared notebook.  I don't want to go back to moving notes between notebooks (again, first world problems).  A few other people have requested the same function, or a related function of auto tagging based on notebook here.


As they say on 4chan:


Inb4 reply "Just search for your tag in inbox, select all and move to notebook at once.  So simple anyone can do it..."  No, tried that.


If you think about it, notebooks are nothing more than a saved search for a specific hidden tag by a different name...



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Evernote can't do this as yet,  but the developers may think this is an idea worth following up - we could certainly do with more support for tag management;  meantime while Evernote is open you could try Autohotkey or some such - which is a saved search with added attitude...

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