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Reordering Livescribe Sky Notes in Evernote

Dave Schoeff

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I'm an avid Livescribe user and recently switched to the Sky version which synchs xclusively to Evernote. Each Livescribe notebook page appears as a separate Evernote note. Often I want to gather several pages together and print them to a single PDF as meeting notes. Evernote for Windows is awesome of this, just select the pages in the list view and hit File\Print. Unfortunately, with my Livescribe notes, It's rare that a group of 2 or more pages will print in the correct order. I've tried sorting by by Created and unclicking Reverse Order. It makes sense that this would work, but the creation time stamps don't seem to be driven by when the pages were written in Livescribe. It would be ideal if their were a way to order a group of pages before printing.

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I have the same complaint.  I find the integration clumsy at best.  The way the pages are disjointed and displayed is just seems chaotic.  The audio files seem disjointed and don't seem to sync consistently.  I don't like not being able to export them to a stand alone file format independent of evernote (other than HTML).  What happened to a standalone PDF pencast?  When I share a page how to i group pages together along with the associated audio files into a coherent single document that is sharable.  I'm not regretting upgrading to the wifi version.  It seems like the evernote integration was rushed and is half baked.  dissapointing.  

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Hi Dave and David,


This has been mentioned before. The way the Notes come in from your Livescribe notebook is all to do with the last time you used that specific page. 


I have not tried to print them, to pdf or printer, but do try to make sure they are ordered correctly in my Notebook. However, as you cannot edit a Livescribe page this is not always possible.


1. I have not tried, but guess you could go in and make a small change to each Note in order, but think that may be long winded.

2. You could save each Note as a png picture and print them out in whatever order you choose, but again I think that may be a little long winded. 

3. You could also create a pdf of each Note separately then import those into a single pdf assuming you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat. But appreciate that will also be a little long winded. 

4. Finally I think you might be able to change the order of pages as well in the latest version of Acrobat. Not tried it though.


Not sure if LIvescribe will change the way the Note is recorded or if Evernote can do something about it.


Best regards



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Just installed Evernote 5.0 for Windows beta. Suddenly I can edit the Note Title of a Livescribe note! That's a terrific improvement over v4! I'm interested to see if I can still update the note with my pen and have the change sync to the newly renamed note. That's an experiment for tomorrow, but this frustrating little issue with my Livescribe notes might just be history!


Update: You can change the title of a Livescribe Note in EN 5 beta. If you subsequently use your Sky pen to add more notes to the page in your Livescribe notebook, it will sync the changes to the correct note in Evernote, but the note title will revert to the standard Livescribe title. That's not perfect behavior, but at least I can modify the note titles to facilitate printing in order. My workflow is as follows:


  1. Sync the Sky pen to Evernote
  2. find the notes I want to print together
  3. Change the titles to force correct sorting when sorted by title
  4. Filter for those specific notes
  5. Sort by title
  6. Select the notes
  7. Print to PDF

A little long-winded - but definitely better than not being able to select and sort the way the notes were written. 


I'm already loving the new EN 5. Hat's off to a great bunch of designers and developers.

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After a few weeks of experiments, I'm finding that it may be best to leave the Note Titles the way Livescribe creates them. At least then, if the view is sorted by title, the notes will line up precisely in the order they appear in the Livescribe notebook. It's not clear to me why the notes sync in out of order. It appears that the create date comes from the original sync into Evernote, and the pages don't necessarily get zapped into Evernote in the order they appear in the paper network. Here's an exhaustive look at the Livescribe note from the Evernote point of view.

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I would love to be able to change the Sky-created Livescribe title pages and not have them revert to the original Notebook Page Title if anything is subsequently written to the page. It could mean less tagging and better searches.  

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