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(Archived) View Notes with Changed Tags in "Recent Notes"

Edan Maor




It seems that right now, changing a note's tags doesn't cause it to be considered to be updated. This means a few things (on the Mac client at least):


  1. It doesn't appear in the "Recent Notes" list.
  2. It doesn't get a new date in the "updated" column.
  3. (Probably connected) You can't "Undo" the change.

This is a serious problem for the following reason:

If I make a mistake when changing a tag, it might be next-to-impossible for me to find the note again.


For example, my workflow involves viewing notes that don't yet have tags (using a search). I then tag the relevant notes. As soon as I tag them, they disappear from the list.


However, sometimes I make mistakes by tagging a note inappropriately. For example, I may tag a note but notice that its title isn't set. But as soon as I leave the "tag" fields (for example, to move to the "Title" field), the note disappears because of the search. Now, if I try to find the note I just changed, there is no way for me to do so unless I remember its title.




Hope this is fixable.




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This likely won't be fixed. We have decided that Tags are considered metadata...

Uh-oh -- does that mean that the NSA will be collecting our tags now???

Curious, though -- this doesn't seem to hold true in the latest Windows V5 prerelease: I did some tag manipulations, and all of the affected notes rose to the top of my standard sort-by-updated-reversed note list. Should I report this in the V5 beta topic?

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This likely won't be fixed. We have decided that Tags are considered metadata and should not update the "Last Updated" field on the note. This is standard across all Evernote apps now.

Thank you. It's nice to see a definitive response addressing a customer's question. I'd like to see this style used more frequently in the forum. It gives the users a better understanding of Evernote's direction and thinking.

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Yeah, it was a difficult decision and we argued it internally ad nauseum. We just had too many weird edge cases where some bits were considered metadata and some weren't, so we basically decided that note content and title were the only thing that should change the true updated date automatically. That should be the case across the board with all Evernote apps now. 

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