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(Archived) Inserting images as attachments and not inlin.

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Does anyone know of a way to get images to attach to a note as an attachment and not be expanded in line?  I use Evernote to manage projects with several clients which sometimes includes screenshots, pictures, concepts, etc.  These are usually in jpg format.  Holding Shift and dragging one in doesn't work, and I tried setting the registry entry for StrictAttachments to 1 but they still expand in line.  Any ideas?

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This only applies to the Windows client, so viewing in any other client will not show the image inline.

With StrictAttachments enabled you should be able to right click the note and choose "Show as attachment"

Did you exit Evernote via File -> Exit when you changed the setting?

If you didn't do this, Evernote will overwrite your change.

You need to Exit EN before making the change in the registry.

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