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(Archived) Announcing the Devcup 2013 Finalists!

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Each year we run the Evernote Devcup, our annual developer competition. For Devcup, we ask that our avid community of developers and designers build apps that work with the Evernote platform. This year, teams submitted over 180 apps and services to answer the challenge.

Today, we announced the six Finalists in Devcup 2013. These apps are the best among an ambitious set of submissions; all are great additions to the growing catalog of apps that work with Evernote.


Each of the Finalists will receive passes and airfare to attend the third annual Evernote Conference in San Francisco this September. At the Conference, each team will pitch their app in competition for Devcup Gold, Silver, and Bronze. We hope you'll join us to watch Devcup 2013 come to a close.


See below for the full list of Finalists. You can also read more about these teams on the Evernote Blog and view the entire Winners Gallery for this year's competition. Congratulations to everyone for their hard work!


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To keep up to date with the Evernote developer community, connect with us online via TwitterFacebook, and the Evernote Developer Homepage.

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I noticed that rule two for the Devcup states that apps cannot be publicly available with an Evernote integration before March 2013.  

SmartTM is an update from Everdo.it which was publicly available on the iTunes store from Jan 2013 and had an Evernote integration. (see iTunes for details - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/smarttm/id591404241?mt=8)
As per Everdo.it press release, previous Evernote ambassador / blogger  Daniel Gold was supporting Everdo.it in Dec 2012 - it is odd that Evernote did not know about Everdo.it prior to them renaming and applying for the Devcup given this connection.

Many other apps that had an integration prior to March 2013, could have renamed as Everdo.it have done, and could have entered this competition - this does not seem fair.


http://www.everdo.it now redirects to http://smarttm.co

Surely Everdo.it are in breach of your rules - please clarify this?



Rule 2 - Evernote Devcup
Only applications and services that did not have publicly available integration with Evernote prior to March 10, 2013 are eligible for the competition.
Review  - Jan 2013 :: http://www.jonathanmilligan.com/everdo-it-an-evernote-task-manager/
Review - Jan 2013 :: http://tabletproductive.com/task-management-with-evernote-and-everdo-it-on-your-ipad-not-yet/#comments

How an Attorney and Dad Uses Evernote for Work and Parenting - 17 Jan 2012 | By Daniel Gold

OneMln Announces: EverDo.it Launches AppStore

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Hi Chris, thanks for your reply

It is very clear that Everdo.it was available prior to March 2013 - their CEO was posting on the Evernote forum in Dec 2012

Our new tool for Evernote and Getting Things Done

I am not trying to disrespect the guys at Everdo.it/Smart TM - it's just that rule number 2 states that "Only applications and services that did not have publicly available integration with Evernote prior to March 10, 2013 are eligible for the competition".

I wanted to ask if you could please explain Evernote's position on this - I, along with the other Evernote users (and I'm sure developers) would like to know whether other Evernote developers who had publicly available apps prior to March 2013 could have applied for the Devcup competition?


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