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Feature Request : Outlook


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I have two feature requests for Evernote:


  1. When emailing from Evernote, it would really be helpful for Evernote to access my contacts in Outlook so I don't have to go look up an email address and copy and paste it into the Evernote email address box.
  2. I would prefer that Evernote not strip the header off of emails that I send it.  I am losing some notes, some proof, when it strips of the To: the Date: and the Subject:


I am an Evernote lover, I have been using Evernote as my external brain after migrating from Onenote since November 2010.  I use Evernote for to take notes from all customer phone calls and emails.  Not to mention for everything in my personal life.  


Thank you Evernote for a phenomenal tool that I use constantly.

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