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(Archived) Interesting Article Mentioning Evernote in the Wild: Moleskine


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A line in this article on ArsTechnica this morning caught my eye: ""My three main work tools are my iPhone, iPad, and the Moleskine [a paper notebook that integrates with Evernote's iOS app]," Burton said in a phone interview."


Burton has a blog where he talks at more length about his digital workflow including his use of Evernote (http://perspectiveburton.com/tag/evernote/). Personally, I haven't yet incorporated Moleskine into my workflow. I quite like the idea, and I have a notebook, but somehow I always end up taking notes with a stylus and the iPad. A year into the Moleskine integration (launched about this time in 2012), I wonder how people are putting it to use.

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GM, interesting topic.


I have tried the Moleskine, but find I don't really use it or need it that much.  It is just one more thing to carry around.


I end up using my iPhone as my "notepad" if I'm out and about without my MBA.     Only on a rare occasion do I wish I had a physical piece of paper, and then there are always cocktail napkins and business cards  :-)


Here is how I use my iPhone "notepad":

  1. Typing is way too slow on an iPhone, so if at all possible I just use the iPhone mic to enter my text.  It's not perfect, and sometimes weird, but once you learn how to speak to it, it works most of the time.  It almost always get my speech-to-text close enough that I can understand and correct it later (on my MBA).
  2. So I just create a new Evernote Note using Evernote or one of the Trunk apps like Clever.
  3. I try to enter a descriptive Title, and don't worry about Tags until I review/file it using my MBA
  4. I've even used it when other people are talking, capturing their speech-to-text.
  5. Much of the time all I need is a snapshot using Genius Scan+ or JotNot Pro that does a great job of scanning text and converting it into very readable B&W or Greyscale.
  6. I often use Google Voice because its Speech-to-text is MUCH better than Apples.  Then I just email the resulting URL, maybe with selected text, to my EN account.

So, for years I was a pocket notebook addict -- I ALWAYS had it with me.  Now days, I find I just don't need one, whether I pay 25c or $5.  :-)

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That's a cool system JM. I'm more of the Jotnot (actually, Scanner Pro) persuasion. For quick notes, writing it down on the iPad usually suffices these days, but if I have something on paper, it gets photographed and "scanned." I love writing with a pen and do miss the process sometimes, but besides the act of writing, I am not too keen on using paper. I can certainly see the use case, and I know people who swear by the Moleskine, but I haven't been able to work it into my own situation.

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I've been working the Moleskines into my workflow, and here are some thoughts on how to make the handwriting recognition in Evernote work for you. To me, this seems to be the most important thing, but I was having trouble finding much information on the Web about the feature.

The tests I ran are probably not representative, and should be seen only as a tiny snapshot of my experience, but the results I found might help other people decide what to consider when using the Moleskines. I'd be interested to hear how other people's impressions compare to mine. I'll have more about the actual note-taking in another blog post.


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