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Evernote with Excel tables - vbs script

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Hi All! 

Some time ago I found out that it's really pitty that I cannot import Excel spreadsheet in Evernote page as a spreadsheet(not as a file). 

And I've written vbs script for Excel. (Sorry if it is not too good - i'm not a vbs programmer)

Main function: 

- Export all workbooks with its names to Evernote .enex file

- Support text size, bold, italic, Color

- Support different encoding (from ansii to utf-8 e.t.c) Default Excel character set is set to utf-8.


Please write me if you have any problems, using it. 


Hope it helps. 


Upd. Added video instruction for this script HERE


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This is a great idea, I've needed this recently. I've added the script and run it, but when I import the enex to evernote the sheet with the data is blank. I don't have a lot of experience with this, but what could I be doing wrong?

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I had same problem when I uploaded file with images. 

That should be plain spreadsheets only (without images and graphs) 

Or may be problem with charsets. I used ansii to utf-8 encoding may be in your way you shouldn't do that. 

Try change this line in script

Excel_charset = "Windows-1251" 


Excel_charset = "utf-8"


Or send me examle of excel file which is not working


This is my first try, so probably we will find there some bugs. 


Upd. Changed default character-set in script to "utf-8". So you may just download new file from 1-st post

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Hmm, I guess the problem I'm having is with the data. I copied data, text only, from 97' access into an excel sheet and it won't pull when I run the macro. However, I did a test in a second sheet and it pulled fine. This is great! Keep up the good work!

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Thanks for sharing - I use spreadsheets a lot,  and I use Evernote even more; but the two have always been separate..  except that I keep the some of the Excel files in notes and edit them from there.  Not sure what difference your script will make,  but I'll give it a try...

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I too would like instructions on how to use the VBA.  I am able to copy and paste the text file into a test spreadsheet I try to run the macro and I get an "invalid outside procedure" compile error at the "Close #1" line of the code.


Any help would be great.  I use excel often and evernote everyday.



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I am just starting to use Evernote, switching from OneNote and I miss the ability to edit spreadsheets in a notebook.  How do I use this script?  I have searched on line and am coming up blank.  Does anyone have a document that will walk me through using this?



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I switched to Evernote, trying to digitize my files, receipts, statements, etc...I started with OneNote, but I work on a Mac and started on a PC. OneNote for Mac is horrible.  Anyway, I just want to be able to edit a spreadsheet inside Evernote like I could with OneNote.  I have Office Excel.

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Oh, sorry, I haven't monitored this thread for a long.

This script usage is quite easy.

You just take your excel spreadsheet, executes this script inside MS Excell, and import. *enex files, , which you receive after that to Evernote.

If you need I may write detailed instructions with screenshots or video.

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@Delascorpion:  Do I understand your process/script correctly that it results in a HTML table in the EN Note, but it is just a table, not a real spreadsheet that can do calculations inside of Evernote?


If all you want is a nicely formatted table from Excel to Evernote, try

  1. selecting the cells in Excel,
  2. copy to MS Word (which creates a Word table)
  3. Make any adjustments you like to the table format, like Table & cells autofit to text.
  4. Select the Word table, copy, and paste into an EN Note.

I have used this process for years and it works well.

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JMichael, thank you a lot for your comment.

Your are absolutely right, just html-table. Without real spreadsheet. But Evernote is not Excel, there is no any.

I didn't tried twith WORD, and I had plenty of tables in excel, so I needed more or less automated way to export tables with formatting.

Your way is either good if you need to export one table and do it with hands)

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4 hours ago, La Caja de Fotos said:


I can import an excel table without losing design and keep working on it ?. Thank you.


José Ramón, técnico informático

Yes, exactly. script supports Color of cell and font, and font-type i.e. italian or bold.

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On 11.03.2016 at 11:54 PM, lob said:

Is it possible to format the excel data in such a way it is imported in Evernote not as a table, but as an editable check list? Eg:

<> To do item 1

<> To do item 2

<> Etc

I believe it does, if evernote supports checkboxes, but for that you need other script. 

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5 hours ago, lob said:

Yeah, no prob. I think I have it sorted out.

If you are able to modify the Excel VBA macro to export as a checkbox list, instead of a table, please share with us.
I'm sure it would be of interest to a lot of users.


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Well, I haven't yet. But I think I know one way to do it. I looked at the code generated around each item when exporting a checkbox list, and simply wrote a formula to generate this code inside a single cell. My thinking is that the VBA script would simply grab this code from Excel as it executes. Anyways, assuming you have a column where the number of results could vary, you would have a formula that follows this structure, but is a lot longer:

=IF(COUNTIF(B1,"?*"),"<en-note><div><en-todo checked=^^false^^/>"&B1,"")&IF(COUNTIF(B2,"?*"),"<en-note><div><en-todo checked=^^false^^/>"&B2,"")&IF(COUNTIF(B3,"?*"),"<en-note><div><en-todo checked=^^false^^/>"&B3,"")&IF(COUNTIF(B4,"?*"),"<en-note><div><en-todo checked=^^false^^/>"&B4,"")&IF(COUNTIF(B1,"?*"),"&nbsp;<br/></div></en-note>]]></content><created>"&TEXT(NOW(),"yyyymmddThhmmssZ")&"</created><updated>"&TEXT(NOW(),"yyyymmddThhmmssZ")&"</updated><note-attributes><author>"&PLACE a CELL REF CONTAINING YOUR USERNAME HERE&"</author></note-attributes></note></en-export>","")

Then in another cell, use the formula =SUBSTITUTE(CELL WITH ABOVE FORMULA IN IT,"^^","""")  to replace the ^^ with ""

Assuming you had Cat is cell B1 and Dog in cell B2, this would be the result (a perfect match for what Evernote generates): 

<en-note><div><en-todo checked="false"/>Cat<en-note><div><en-todo checked="false"/>Dog&nbsp;<br/></div></en-note>]]></content><created>20160318T070813Z</created><updated>20160318T070813Z</updated><note-attributes><author>leonard.xxxxxx@gmail.com</author></note-attributes></note></en-export>


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