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Screen Clipping hot key - where did it go?

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I have updated the latest version of Evernote, but now when I use the hot key "Win+PrtSc" I only get a screen capture and not the "crosshairs" to select what I want to capture on the screen. 


I know I can still do this by cicking on the Evernote Helper on the system tray, but why isn't there a hot key for it anymore??? I used this ALL THE TIME and now I can't (except to get a full screen capture.)  Very frustrating.


Is there any way to assign a hot key for this function now???  Or can this hot key be brought back in a future update maybe???


I love Evernote and use it all the time, and I just don't want to forever lose one of my most frequently used hot keys.





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Welcome to the forum :)

That option hasn't gone anywhere, perhaps you have inadvertently changed the hotkey?

Try seeing what is set in Tools -> Options -> "Hot keys" tab

Try setting it back to what you had it before, and see if you can screenclip again.


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When I go into Tools -> Options -> "Hot keys", the "Win+PrtSc" hot key is still there, like you say.  That hot key now gives you a "screen capture" which does capture the full screen.


But... that same default hot key used to give you a "screen clipping" with the crosshairs.


The difference now is that there is not even an option for screen clipping on the hot key menu.  In other words, I couldn't change the hot key or assign a new hot key even if I wanted to.


The only way I can screen clip is to click on the Evernote Helper icon in the system tray.  It's tolerable, I guess, but having the hot key is WAY easier.

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What version of Evernote are you using?

Can you post a screenshot of the options window?

EDIT: you did, thanks. Looks like Win 8.

1. You may also want to change the new note hotkey back if you haven't.

2. I wonder if the windows screenshot function is taking over. I will test it here.

The screenclip function hasn't changed as far as I am aware, and still works for me.

Is there another program that may be taking over the hotkey?

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Ok, quick test. I now see what you are seeing. You will probably find that any screenshots you had taken were put into


This is a Windows 8 feature that actively makes use of the Printscreen function. I believe that the Win + printscreen hotkey is now taken over on an os level by Windows to take screenshots.

I hadn't noticed this before now, because I change it to Ctrl + Printscreen.

I think the only way around this is to change the hotkey unfortunately.

EN will need to look at this hotkey and how it works in Win 8. I am not sure if they can override it or not.


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Thank you for the replies!


I wondered if it might have had anything to do with Windows 8 so thank you for confirming that for me.  My old laptop was Windows 7 and I've only had the new Windows 8 laptop for a couple days.  I was able to find the screen capture folder in C:\Users\<username>\Pictures\Screenshots like you said, so thanks for that as well.


I'll just have to get used to using the Evernote icon in the system tray for screen clippings.  Not my preferred method but I'll manage. :)


Thanks again, and all the best!

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Really would like a crosshairs selection shortcut key as well. Going to the tray when doing documentation is way too time consuming. I don't understand why they would remove this. Please add this back!


Also the default for Full Screen capture (Win0+printscreen) is now conflicting with Dropbox. Dropbox adds a screenshot to the dropbox\pictures folder.


Running windows 8.1 here.


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Aaah! I thought that the screen clipper is gone! Changing hot keys to CTRL+PrintScreen works! Thank You! 


Btw. this tool is amazing, I use it also without pasting to evernote. Just hold shift or ctrl and then paste it or open in photoshop if You need.

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