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Cannot Seem to Add Google Contacts



I am using the Mac app. I tried to email a note, and a pop-up opened asking if I wanted to add my address book so to share notes. I clicked "no" accidentally, and now I cannot seem to fix this to add my contacts at all.


I have uninstalled the app, and re-installed it, and synced with the web version. I also revoked access in the Security area of my Google account, disconnected it from the Evernote account, and then reconnected them. None of this has helped, and I cannot find anything that will add the contacts. When I open the menu to share a note, the address book is empty and there is no option to add them from my Google account.


I have looked through Preferences and Settings and I've found nothing. I also looked in the Knowledge Base but I did not find much help there either. Can someone please help me?? I actually like Evernote, but this is a simple thing that should not be hard!!



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