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(Archived) [Android] Saved search sometimes only showing random 200 notes


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I've got a problem and I think it's related to saved search.


Sometimes I have the effect that when I try to do a saved search, as the result I get random 200 notes which absolutely have nothing to do with the expected result of the saved search.


This happens when I access the saved search via the app itself or when I use a homescreen link to a saved search, even with the new list widget.


I then try to fix it by opening evernote, syncing, closing or resetting the widget configuration


Sometimes it works again after trying those things sometimes not... I cannot consistently reproduce the problem nor the fix of it.


The saved searches I use range from simple (one notebook and one tag) to rather complex ones with lots of included and excluded tags as well with the "any" switch... but when the problem is there, it applies to all of the saved searches and not just to one of them.


About 2 months ago I contacted the support, which told me this problem is known and will be fixed... in the meantime a new android version was released and the problem is still there.


Does somebody has the same problem? Is there a woraround?




P.s. I'm on cyanogenmod 4.1.2 on a xperia pro.




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