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(Archived) Inserting Images - Always Resets View to Top of Page

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Hi Evernote People... 


I'm finding that when I drag an image into Evernote the view always gets reset to the top of the page. Is this just me or the default action. Any one have this issue or a work around.


Thanks for your comments




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Hi - this is pretty much the standard,  and I'm afraid there's no work around.  Are you trying to add multiple images to Evernote,  or do you just want to continue editing after an image is imported?

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Hi Gazumped,



Thanks for the reply. I just want to continue editing the note after I've imported the image (normally drag the image into the note window). I tried to leave some blank lines or spaces etc but this doesn't work. As soon the import is completed the note returns to the top. This is fine normally but becomes painful when you want to insert an image, then add text then another image etc. (not always as simple as as sounds as the image (graphs) almost all look the same and so need some sort of notes with them.

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