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Evernote for Android messes with note's formatting

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I use Evernote on Mac OS X (10.8.4) and Android (4.1.2) and when I try to edit a note using Android I always lose all the format, mainly when I use ordered or unordered list.

I see that there is no update till this moment. Is this a known problem? How can I fix this annoying problem?

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There are multiple issues with formatting in the Android client. It also changes line spacing, seems to insert and delete blank lines somewhat randomly, and often makes a complete mess of indentation and line spacing in any note that contains checkboxes. In the current version on my Galaxy Nexus (Android 4.3), it also does not update inserted or deleted blank lines while you are editing (even writes new text on top of old text sometimes), and only displays the changes after you have closed the note and synced.


Issues like these have plagued the Android client constantly for at least the past year or so, and the formatting bug du jour seems to change with every update, but the net number of bugs shows no sign of decreasing. Please do report this to their customer service though. I contacted them about the line spacing issue a little while back, and they seemed almost unaware of it (I wonder whether they do any serious user testing on the Android version at all).


The issues seem to have gotten worse after they added more rich text functionality to the iOS client. If I create notes on the web client or on iOS that contain anything more than the most basic formatting (pretty much just bold, italics and underline), The Android client will often tell met that the note contains "unsupported formatting". At the moment, you should almost consider the Android version a separate product. It does not seem to be fully compatible with notes created on the iOS or web versions anymore.

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No, Fzlang, I don't believe it has anything to do with free versus paid users. The text editor has been a problem on all the clients (platforms) to varying degrees, from the start. (Judging by posts I've seen by users who have been using EN since it hit the market.

GBarry mentioned a couple days ago that a new "Common Editor," which is supposed to be far better than any previous versions, will be rolled out to all the clients soon(ish). Mac users already have it.

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